Saturday, 11 March 2017

A Welcome Splash of Colour

It's been a long time since I put anything on my blog.
I seem to lack motivation in that direction but I have been very busy in other ways.
I've been itching to get into the garden but when I'm at home it often rains and when it's sunny, I'm indoors at some other commitment that I go to. Being busy seems to be the answer to my wellbeing, though.

Today has been dull and the sky threatening, so I felt compelled to take this photo when I noticed the Bergenia, that livened up a very dismal patch of ground on my way back from shopping. Little things like that can lift my spirit.

I'm very committed to my Community singing group who regularly give concerts to raise money for different charities. The pace of learning new songs by heart is quite fast. This is where I feel my age! It takes up quite a large chunk of my week with communal practices and learning from CDs and sheet music at home. The words are the hardest thing for me to learn by heart though.
 I continue to get great pleasure from knitting in the group I belong to, as well as at home, while watching TV.  I'm making small brightly coloured blankets at the moment. for the local hospitals.

I've just got through another of my six monthly checks at Oncology and don't have to go again till Sept. I'm waiting for an appointment at The Eye Hospital as I was referred by my Optometrist with suspected cataracts. My hips and wrists complain a lot (my back too) and I have to coax it all to work properly in order to continue my activities.
Inside this rather decrepit body, there is a youngish person trying to get out!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Which To Choose?

I decided to go for a walk today as it was the first dry, sunny and warmish day that we've had for weeks.
Sunshine makes me think of light gardening, spring flowers and tidying up after the wind has tossed every thing about outside.

There is a small garden shop about 2 miles from my house and with no other means of getting there except on foot, I decided it would make a good change to be out in the fresh air.
So off I set and was there in record time. I'd also planned to do other shopping on the way back so felt quite pleased that I'd planned and organised my afternoon almost to the last detail.

What I hadn't bargained for was the discovery that I'd left all means of payment on the bed at home when I decided to reorganise my bag earlier that day. Whatever was I thinking of? I must have got distracted as I knew I'd not picked up the things I'd dumped on the bed.
Oh well....I took a picture of the things I couldn't buy. At least I'd left my cell phone in the bag.
The journey home seemed to take longer somehow and of course, I couldn't do any other shopping either.

Sure enough everything was tossed on the bed just as I'd remembered I'd left it. Why I didn't put the things back I'll never know!
At least it seemed to be blogging material, so here it is.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Clinging To Life

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

We're not yet out of January, so it was surprisingly lovely to see a clear blue sky whilst walking over the common today. Admittedly I was well wrapped up with scarf, woolly hat and gloves but nevertheless it was encouraging to know that the promise of Spring is not far away.

It was heartwarming to see a Pelargonium (in England classed as a bedding plant) not only clinging to life but producing flowers too. 
We've had some very heavy frosts, which are not over yet and I was going to throw this plant in the waste recycling bin. However, I think it deserves a chance to live now, so if it does survive the next two cold months, I shall repot it and take cuttings.
We could all do with a second chance, don't you think?

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Westward Bound

I'd like to wish all my readers A HAPPY NEW YEAR. I'm a bit late doing this as I've been away.

Yesterday, I caught a coach from a major coach station in the east of England to get back to my home in Bristol which is in the South West.  
Nothing strange about that, you may say, as people are taking such trips all the time.
However, this journey was like no other that I'd ever experienced. 

The last passenger had just boarded the coach with great difficulty as she was quite disabled, old and frail and in a very long gown that seemed to trip her at every step. After she was safely strapped in, there was a bang when the coach next to us came too close and knocked the door of our coach quite badly. I was sitting right by it but was not hurt in any way.
There were *workers* from the station buzzing round and all giving advice as to what should be done. This caused quite a delay.
About five men tried hard to shut the door but it wouldn't lock as it was slightly out of alignment owing to a bar that was now bent from the impact.
It was decided that the door could be locked from the inside by a special lever, and with brute force, a gang of men managed to shut the door which would mean we were now all locked in.
Feeling a bit uneasy, I thought they knew what they were doing and sat back to relax for the duration of the journey which would take about two and a half hours using the Motorways.
I noticed the first thing that went wrong was that we had a very annoying alarm that wouldn't stop, because of the damage to the door. We had to put up with that noise all the way home The next thing I noticed was that the driver twitched an awful lot, making his body jerk forwards quite violently at times..... a bit like Tourette's but without the shouting. He only ever drove with one hand and coughed violently all the way home and constantly blew his nose and yawned a lot. All this didn't inspire confidence and I vowed I'd never sit in a seat near a driver again. Best not to know these things are happening and sit behind it all.
We got home to our Bus Station but then found we couldn't get the door open even when the lock was undone. The driver had to summon help from his window and several workers could not get the door to budge an inch but by now the annoying alarm was silent.
It was decided we should all make our way to the emergency exit where we had to go down steep steps and slither down from quite a great height when the steps finished.
I fortunately didn't jar my back or hips as I could so easily have caused further damage than I already have.
I was the last off the bus except for the old lady who was by then crying. I don't know how she could possibly have got off the bus through such a difficult exit but the driver was trying his best by the time I left the bus station.
I did think of her all evening after I got home and it affected my getting to sleep for a long time.
It wasn't until afterwards that I realised what a dangerous journey it was, being locked in with only the emergency exit that was facing the the *fast lane* of the motorway and would take at least 15 minutes to evacuate the coach and the elderly disabled lady wouldn't have managed to get out at all.
Anyway, all's well that ends well, for me and the majority of the passengers.

The coach in the image I used has nothing whatsoever to do with this story as I just picked the it at random.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

A Peaceful, Happy Christmas

Well, we're nearly there now. Christmas cards sent, presents bought and wrapped. Most of the Christmas carol services and concerts are over and only a couple of activities left before Christmas Day.
I've had a lovely time so far but will appreciate some time to myself before the Christmas visitors. arrive.
 The weather seems very unseasonal and warmish but it hardly gets fully light and is inclined to be rainy. It could be a lot worse. though, remembering other Christmas times from my past.

I'd just like to wish all my readers a very peaceful Happy Christmas.

Monday, 28 November 2016

In The Space of a Few Days.....

In the space of a few days, I have started to enjoy Advent and am well on the way with plans for Christmas.
Since my last post, I have quite got into the the spirit of it all and was asked last Sunday, to light the first Advent candle in Church. I'm also going to sing at a few different venues with one very large choir that I belong to and a smaller group in our church.
This week I'm going to meet a friend who has come over for a short while from USA, as she and her husband are staying in a Bristol Hotel and we'll have a pub lunch along with other friends (we've done this for a few years now). I've known her since we were 10 years old at school together. She travels all over the place to catch up with her many friends in England. She's been married to an American and has lived in USA for years.

These two adorable kittens belong to my granddaughters. They are 4 months old. The grey one is a tom and the black one is his sister.
They've just been neutered and spayed but seem to be racing around as usual so can't be in any discomfort.
It's good that I can go and play with them when ever I like but don't have the responsibility of looking after them with my unpredictable health problems and circumstances.
Although they have quite a few toys, the one thing that gets them really excited is a rolled up piece of paper that they toss about and chase at full speed round the house, causing mayhem all around them.
Now they've learnt how to jump on the table, it will be interesting to see how my son gets on with the Christmas catering. I've been invited along with my daughter and grandsons.
We are fully prepared to *muck in* as son put it but hope that doesn't mean cooking the whole thing!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Mixed Feelings About Christmas.

It's that time of the year again when I suddenly realise that Christmas is just round the corner and the panic starts to seep through.
Today is Black Friday. Well we didn't have that until recently when it started to spread here from America and I, for one won't be part of it. 
I'm pleased to hear that so far, the big stores are not packed with people all fighting with each other as though their lives depended on getting a so called bargain that probably isn't genuinely a bargain at all. Some of the stores are empty of shoppers, put off by some of the scrabbles that amounted to violence during previous years.

I got out the Christmas cards this morning and looked at my list from last year. As usual I had to strike off several names of people who have died since last year. It's one of the depressing sides of ageing....people starting to pop off all around you.

On the positive side, there are all the activities and concerts that schools put on for our grandchildren. There are the choir practices for the carols at concerts and church that will be looming up. Christmas arrangements to be made with our families about who is going where and how we'll cope with the catering.
Surprises to think of.
How to go about decorating the house for Christmas this year...... if I decide to bother, though I probably will.
I like to think of the true meaning of Christmas but we've all got sidetracked with commercialism.

Of course for me, there's one very important person missing, but life has to go on. I always buy myself a present from him and can almost hear him saying, "Go on, treat yourself". He was a generous man. This will be my second Christmas.......